a)  Facilitated conversations: A win-win conversation model similar to mediation but without the formality and generally, without

      documents to signed before and after the process (based on the clients' needs).  A very useful process when the conflict has not

      been present for long or when the parties want to discuss, without too much animosity, how to resolve a situation 

​b)  Mediations: More formal than a facilitated conversation yet still in the list of informal conflict resolution processes. Mediation are

      often used, for example, when an harassment complaint has been filed or when the parties wish to have written agreements at the

      end of the process

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Group Needs Evaluation: Individual interviews method, followed by themes identification, group presentation, action plan, follow

     ups, etc.

Team Diagnostic Assessments (TDA) © (authorized facilitator):  This forth process can also be found under the "Coaching"

      category, depending on the group and the objective of the process

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.)?:

       It is a collective term for processes that parties can use to settle disputes, with or without the help of a

       neutral third party (i.e.  a mediator), but short of litigation.  

ADR services offered by Resocomm include: 
​e) Team restoration after a major event (such as an harassment investigation, important 
conflict, etc.).  I conduct such intervention using the
Team Diagnostic Assessments
© model, coaching conversations (employees and management), mediations, talking
circles, etc.  In cases where violence or other such major incident would be involved then
​ I work with mental health specialists