Am I the best coach for you and your objective? Here is my coaching philosophy

Coaching is all about YOU, your agenda, you reaching your objective, rapidly, efficiently and successfully. And this success hinges on many factors such as:

​​•     A thorough “mind-guts” analysis
​​•     Planning
​​•     Motivation
​​•     Timeline and priorities
​​•     Resources
​​•     Support

​​•     ​​The insights you gain during the coaching conversations and your coach's feedback
and given the objective you want to reach and who you are, finding the right coach.

Who am I as a coach?  What are my principles? Here is a “selfie” to help you determine if I am the right coach for you. I also encourage you to read the My Values section to help you on your decision.

When coaching a team and accompanying its members to reach the team objective, I strive to develop (in the background of the conversations):

​​•     The creation of positive and productive environments
​​•     Communication
​​•     Trust and its corollary, the capacity to have productive difficult conversations
​​•     A willingness to show vulnerability
​​•     Genuine consultation and then decisive decision congruent with the team and the leader's vision
​​•     Empathy
​​•     The right people in the right seat in the right bus
​​•     Employee autonomy and recognition
​​•     Commitment and accountability
​​•     Results congruent with the objectives

Am I the right coach for you and your objective?  Contact me if you want to discuss it further or if you have questions... Thank you !

When in individual coaching, it has been my experience that the following concepts are often worth visiting , as they often play a role in a person’s situation:

​​•     Self-confidence
​​•     Self-respect
​​•     Emotional intelligence
​​•     Loving assertiveness
​​•     Communication
​​•     Risk to be vulnerable with those who have earned this privilege
​​•     Priorities
​​•     Resources
​​•     Work for results