My valuesThe very important values I carry with me, be in informal conflict resolution, in communication or in coaching, are: 

Professionalism: I have been in the conflict resolution and coaching business, full time since 2001.  I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and CMED (Chartered Mediator - in progress). I do not believe in cutting corners when dealing with the most important asset of an organization -  the right people in the right seat

Respect: I will treat you as I want to be treated, as a competent professional, a human being and with empathy. And if you want my opinion, I will present it to you – respectfully

Authenticity: No games with me; honesty is essential. On both sides…​ An example? in 2011, I ask for a voluntary demotion from a EX minus 1 to a PE-5  position to go back to "operations", to work on what energizes and feeds me - to make a difference.  After 26 years as an officer in the Armed Forces - though for the ego you say???

Creativity: In my specialty, one size does not fit all.  I tailor my approach and tools to the needs of my clients

Confidentiality: In this line of work, you do not get a second chance if confidentiality is breached.  What is said between a client and me stays between the client and me (unless required by law)

Self-determination: You are in the driver's seat of your life, the hero of your own story.  At the end, you have the best vantage point to decide where you go and how to get there.  My role is to give you the binoculars and point out "things" along your journey. Because of this belief, I do not see myself as a hard "hands-on interventionist" mediator or coach.  But I do ask the hard questions to generate these insights...

I L.O.V.E. my work! I can help organisations become productive and make a difference in people’s lives.

My wife and I have three grown ups sons.