What is coaching? Coaching...

​​•    First and foremost, coaching is a process to change your status quo, to

      help you reach an objective, an AUDACIOUS goal

​​•    Is a confidential process that aims to help a client (that’s you!) quickly

      and effectively achieve their objectives

​​•    Establishes a partnership between a client (or a group of clients) and a

      coach (that’s me)

​​•    Provides lasting results since the solutions are essentially a product of

      my client's own awareness and efforts, and my support (on many levels)

​​•    Is based on a model and requires sharing perspectives, engaging in

      reflection, being creative, using tools and taking concrete actions toward

      tangible objectives

The five principles of coaching: Coaching is based on the following five principles:

1.    Mutual trust between the client and the coach. Without this trust, coaching is not productive

2.    Objectives: the client has an (or a few) objective(s) they want to achieve

3.    Willingness to change: the client is willing to make the necessary effort to learn or change in order to achieve their objectives

4.    Authenticity: closely related to trust, authenticity ensures that the client and the coach can discuss issues and interests. Authenticity

       applies to both the client and the coach

5.    Willingness to go outside of personal comfort zone

What are the roles of the coach? The coach's roles include to...

•     Make your goal « S.M.A.R.T. »(note 1) with precise and meaningful indicators

•     Help you create a plan to achieve your objective

​​•     Accompany you and provide support along your path to achieving your objectives through

      feedbacks, insights, questions, challenges and exercises, all of this with empathy but always in

      the direction you want to go

​​•     Contribute to a relationship where you feel safe enough to move out of your comfort zone

​​•     Ask the difficult questions and as required, suggest shorter deadlines

​​•     Contribute to make the process fun!

Examples of coaching I offer are:

•    Win-win communication

•     Conflict prevention and resolution

​​•     Preparation for a difficult conversation

​​•     Management and leadership challenges

​​•     Team issues and challenges

​​•     Time and priorities management

​​•     Relational, generational, family issues

​​•     Change management

​​•     Reaching a personal goal, etc.

Note 1:    S.M.A.R.T.

     S = specific   M = measurable   A = achievable   R = realistic  T = timely