Why Resocomm? The advantages of choosing Resocomm for your conflict resolution, coaching and communication needs are:

•    I have been in the conflict resolution and coaching business, full time, from coast to coast, since 2001.  I have

      worked in at least 10 Federal Departments and Agencies, not including the learning establishments.  I have had

      hundreds of coaching, mediations, facilitated conversations and group processes, building or rebuilding teams,

      one situations at a time

•    I have worked as a Public Servant for seven years (2007-2014), as an employee and a manager

•    I have served as an Officer in the Canadian Forces for 26 years (1981-2007), working in and leading teams on

      Bases and Headquarters


•    I am fully bilingual (Federal Public Service, EEE level) and conduct my interventions and conversations in

      French, English or both when appropriate!

•    Security Classification: Secret, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, 2011


•    International Coaching Federation member (ICF)

•    ICF ACC accreditation will be completed in September 2014
•    Accredited trainer for Team Coaching International © (TCI) for coaching and conflict resolution diagnostics for

      teams (Team Diagnostic Assessments ©)
•    Chartered Mediator (CMED) - in progress
•    PsychTests emotional intelligence user and distributor

•    I design and lead interventions to increase individual and team productivity and positivity to reach the goal of

      “teams are made to produce results”.  To reach and maintain this goal, individual and team needs have to be

      raised, discussed and satisfied.  This requires trust, commitment, accountability, maturity and the ability to have

      difficult conversations productively

•    Leaders and managers learn to craft, discuss and implement the best possible “mind-heart” solutions through

     conversations with an experienced coach



When dealing with difficult situations, leaders, managers, employees and teams…

•    Understand what went wrong

•    Stop repeating the same unproductive patterns
•    Start communicating productively even while disagreeing
•    Engage in finding win-win solutions

•    I help to lower intensity and provide faster resolutions of difficult situations and conflicts

•    I help reduce the instances of costly rights-based processes (such as harassment complaints and grievances)
•    I promote higher client and employee retention

Cost reduction:
Management coaching: